Cosmetic Surgery as Back to School Prep?

It’s back to school time. You’ve probably started hearing that phrase everywhere you go – in the supermarket, in the mall, in the bookstore. It’s a reminder to start thinking about: Who’s carpooling with you this year? Did you get all the supplies on the teacher’s list? Do your kids … Read More

What are the most common cosmetic procedures?

It seems like everyone knows someone (or even themselves) who have visited a plastic surgeon – maybe to get rid of fine lines from age, possibly to increase their cup size, or to get rid of stubborn belly fat. There are so many procedures available now, ranging from non-invasive to … Read More

4 Plastic Surgery Procedures for Men

The days when it was considered bold for an aging businessman to dye his hair to retain a youthful aura are long gone. More men trying to get ahead at the workplace are turning to plastic surgeons for surgical and non-surgical solutions, especially in the youth-driven tech industry. We are … Read More

Sculpting Custom Results for Men With Gynecomastia

If you go to a beach or pool and see an adolescent boy or young man wearing a T-shirt while his buddies are swimming bare-chested, chances are he may be self-conscious about the appearance of his breasts. The excess or swollen breast tissue often leads to teasing about “man-boobs” and … Read More