Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Program

At PSS, our mission as a practice is to change the lives of our patients by helping them enhance their outer beauty and ultimately enrich their lives because they FEEL better about themselves. Aesthetic surgery can be an option to get to where you want to be, but it’s not always the first step. If a patient comes in with the dream of getting her pre-baby shape back but is carrying too much weight to make a tummy tuck effective, we now have a way to help her get the best result from surgery without just saying come back when you have lost weight.

Turning away patients due to their current weight can leave them feeling unsupported and defeated. We have designed programs to jumpstart the journey to health and fitness.

PSS has developed different programs based on our patients’ feedback. We wanted to ensure patient’s choices that truly fit their needs.

What are your choices for the PSS Health and Wellness Program?

First steps: Examination and Inbody 570

During the first consultation, we scan your weight, fat, lean muscle mass, and identify and track inflammation, swelling, and injury with our InBody 570.

This machine gives us a clear starting point to track your progress. As you lose pounds, your changes are automatically tracked in the program. Sometimes you may not lose pounds, but your clothing size shrinks. Lean muscle mass weighs more than fat but occupies less space. Clothes that did not fit look good again. 

We have seen patients lose as much as 25-75 lbs. in a few months, and with our team’s support, they’ve learned new behaviors to make a weight loss program into a permanent, healthier lifestyle transformation.

Health and Wellness Program Choices, including Semaglutide injections

  • One-time fee of $599 for six months of monitoring patients’ programs under our providers*
  • Monthly pricing of medication varies depending on quantity or dosage per month 
  • 1x month Inbody Evaluation to track weight loss and manage dosage
  • Lab Scripts:  BMP/T4, Free T4, TSH, Hemoglobin A1c
  • Nutritional Guideline packet
  • Wegovy FDA-Approved Weight loss injections
  • Lipo C – $200 (4 weeks)

Wegovy FDA-Approved Weight Loss injection

Wegovy Medication: How Does It Work?

Semaglutide (Wegovy) is the first once-weekly medication ni its class that’s FDA-approved to help with chronic weight management. It works best when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise. The largest clinical trial showed that adults taking semaglutide lost an average of almost 15% of their initial body weight – about 12% more than those who didn’t take the medication.

Semaglutide injection also works by slowing the movement of food through the stomach and may decrease appetite and cause weight loss.

Benefits of taking Semaglutide include:

  • Appetite suppression by slowing gastric emptying.
  • Decrease in body fat percentage.
  • Weight loss
  • Decreased cardiovascular outcomes in subjects’ cardiovascular disease. 
  • Lower HbA1c levels

Semaglutide contains semaglutide and should not be used with other semaglutide- containing products or other GLP-1 receptor agonist medicines.

It is not known if Semaglutide can be used safely in people with a history of pancreatitis, gallstones, renal disease, or history of (MTC) Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma. 

It is not known if Semaglutide is safe and effective for use in children under 18 years of age.

Lipo C injections

What are Lipotropic Injections? 

A Lipotropic injection contains a solution of nutrients comprising one or more of the following fat-burning compounds. Each of these components is important because they each have a key role in utilizing fat as fat burners, distributing energy, and removing toxins from the body. The overall effect of lipotropic injections is enhanced weight loss, particularly when they are combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

  • Choline – An essential nutrient needed for proper liver function; exports fat and bile from the liver; responsible for seeing that exported fat burned for energy/fuel; detoxifies the liver; key player in fat metabolism.
  • Inositol – A lipotropic; related to the vitamin B family; involved in the breakdown of fats; involved in various biological processes that can provide favorable psychiatric conditions; can be used to treat PCOS and other female dysfunctions effectively.
  • Methionine – An essential amino acid; a deactivating agent to many hormones such as estrogen and sulfur-containing compounds; defends the body against toxic compounds.
  • Vitamin B12 – Serves many biological purposes including normal blood, brain, heart, and nervous system functions; most importantly, it’s essential for fat metabolism.
  • B Complex Vitamins – Helps you feel more energetic and promotes fat metabolism. When these compounds are put together in a solution and injected into the bloodstream, they enter the body without any possibility of facing dilution or being inefficiently absorbed by the gut.

Orbera Gastric Balloon

  • Includes insertion and extraction
  • 1x month Inbody 570 scan

The Orbera Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss option designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals safely and effectively. The balloon takes up space in the stomach, creating a feeling of fullness, which helps individuals eat less and lose weight.

The Orbera Balloon is designed for individuals who are overweight or obese and are looking for a non-surgical weight loss solution. It is recommended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater with obesity-related health conditions, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. 

The Orbera Balloon is a non-surgical weight loss option designed to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals safely and effectively. With a placement procedure that takes only 20 minutes, a 6-month weight loss period, and the support of a dietitian, the Orbera Balloon is a convenient and effective solution for those seeking a non-surgical approach to weight loss.

Surgery Discount

Patients receive an exclusive 10% discount on all surgical and non-surgical body contouring procedures for 6 months after completing our program. Our experienced team provides personalized care and support to help you achieve your desired body shape. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take advantage of this limited-time offer!