VECTRA® 3D Imaging

VECTRA® 3D is an advanced imaging technique that allows both patient and surgeon to preview the results of a specific plastic surgery procedure before surgery is performed, bringing patient consultations to a whole new level.

VECTRA® 3D imaging ensures:

  • For The Body
    • Clear Expectations are achieved using a 3D image of the patient’s body and 3D models of saline and gel implants.
    • Vectra 3D records precise breast measurements, helping your surgeon choose the appropriate implants for your body.
  • For The Face
    • Rhinoplasty
      Vectra imaging and software create a highly accurate approximation of surgical outcomes for Rhinoplasty procedures, allowing patients the reassurance of envisioning results before the surgery.
    • Chin Implants
      The 3D scanning of the jawline and lower face creates a precise picture of the chin. The software allows the doctor to help you see the profound results of a chin implant and your new, stronger profile.
    • Cheek Implants
      3D imaging gives the patient an accurate idea of what higher cheekbones will look like, helping restore sagging facial structure due to age, or correcting facial balance with the lower face by building the cheek area. This preview is tremendously reassuring for the patient’s understanding of what the outcome will look like.

Center of Excellence

  • Over 50,000 procedures performed
  • Over 75 years of combined experience

Our experienced team of surgeons combine an aesthetic perspective, the ability to listen closely to your needs, and the skills to achieve those desires. This combination of talent is a hallmark of a world-class plastic surgery clinic, located in Marin County, CA.


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Black Diamond

Using Sculptor™ software, the patient is able to view the prospective results of their procedure from all angles, allowing for a thorough analysis of their simulated post-surgery body. The simulation of the procedure can be fully customized by the surgeon using this technology, ensuring that the patient will be satisfied after surgery.

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