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Fat Transfer ModelIf you have considered undergoing a facial rejuvenation procedure but don’t think you are ready for a Facelift or other form of Facial Plastic Surgery at this time, you might consider Fat Transfer. San Francisco Bay Area women and men travel to our Greenbrae clinic for fat injections. For many decades, we thought excess skin was the most obvious sign of aging on the face. It is now recognized that an apparent excess of skin is at least in part due to the loss of soft tissue bulk, or fat, from the face. Through Fat Transfer, natural fat may be transferred from other parts of the body (usually from the abdomen, flanks, or thighs) to areas of the face in need of additional volume.

Previous methods of harvesting and injecting fat rendered Fat Transfer results similar to those of other dermal fillers. Our Marin County practice uses improved instrumentation and techniques to perform Fat Transfer, making the “take” of fat more predictable and the correction longer lasting. Injected fat can be sculpted to restore attractive contours to your cheeks, chin, under-eye area, lips, nasolabial folds, marionette grooves, upper eyelids, and even your hands.

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The patient was unhappy with loss of volume in her cheeks and face. Dr Poulos performed a fat transfer that restored fullness of cheeks and diminished nasolabial folds.



Patient had lost volume in cheek area and eyes, and wanted a more refreshed and rested appearance. Dr Poulos performed a fat transfer that added volume on key areas to change the shape of the face and cheek, and diminish sunken area around the eyes. The result was a much younger and refreshed app…



Marin woman wanted to diminish hollow areas around the eye and soft the face and neck. Dr. Poulos performed a fat transfer that plumped those key areas and resulted in a natural, more rested appearance.

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Facial Fat Sculpting offers several major benefits. It can smooth deep wrinkles, enhance the volume of thinning lips or the soft tissue of the cheek and chin, and more. The main advantage of Fat Injection is that it is a100 percent natural filler. Besides providing long lasting effects, it is safe, since there are no allergic reactions to worry about. Fat Transfers can be performed alone as a non invasive rejuvenation procedure, or in conjunction with surgery to further enhance the final results. Visit us in our state-of-the-art surgery center in Marin County to learn more about what the best options are to achieve your aesthetic goals.

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