SkinVive by Juvéderm

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SkinVive by Juvéderm

SkinVive is a new injectable from Juvéderm used to smooth and hydrate your complexion. As an effective radiance-enhancing “skin booster,” SkinVive adds hydration and shine to the skin, particularly around the cheekbones.

(can you either say “Doctors” or include Dr. Hvistendahl? Dr. Stanley G. Poulos and the staff at Plastic Surgery Specialists,, excel in both nonsurgical treatments and cosmetic surgery and take great pride in assisting their patients achieve their aesthetic goals. Our Med Spa now offers SkinVive as a standalone treatment, or in conjunction with other skin rejuvenating treatments. To boost your glow without any downtime, fill out this online form or call us at (415) 925-2880 to schedule a consultation!

About SkinVive

SkinVive works in a simple, yet revolutionary way. It  is not a dermal filler like Juvéderm or Restylane. This injectable is composed of microscopic hyaluronic acid microdroplets. It is formulated to use  the moisture currently  in the  skin to enhance hydration from the inside out. 

The injectable hyaluronic acid will disperse throughout the skin to give your skin a rejuvenated, glowing  appearance.  SkinVive spreads quickly throughout the layers of skin, because it has a watery consistency. Dermal fillers are thicker, and more gel-like, serving a different purpose. Fillers restore volume loss due to aging and provide contouring and structure. . SkinVive injectable’s main objective is to provide long-lasting moisture and glow to the skin itself, and the microdroplet application plays a significant role in its success. (1)

Why is Hyaluronic Acid So Important?

One of the primary reasons why hyaluronic acid is considered so good for the skin is its exceptional capacity to retain moisture. (2) This unique property allows it to attract and hold water, resulting in optimal hydration levels within the skin. Adequate hydration is vital for maintaining the skin’s health and vitality, as it helps to plump up the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improve overall elasticity. With hyaluronic acid, you’ll achieve a smoother, more supple complexion that exudes a vibrant and youthful glow.

SkinVive for Skin Rejuvenation

There is a vast catalog of skincare approaches, ranging from simple creams to laser treatments. SkinVive can be a viable  alternative to traditional moisturizing methods. It can be difficult to improve skin quality topically, and this injectable can give you that “glowingly  baby smooth skin  to restore  a youthful look to the face without altering its shape or profile. 

Benefits of SkinVive Injectables

This treatment can help with: (3)

  • Rejuvenation of the outer layer of skin around the cheeks
  • Smoothing of slight fine lines and texture
  • Adding luminosity and life back into the skin
  • Retaining moisture and a youthful appearance
  • Conveniently performed same day and in-office

SkinVive is a minimally invasive injectable treatment. It contains 0.3% lidocaine to reduce the pain of the injection. It is the perfect choice for patients who want to revitalize their skin with little effort and maximum results. 

Ideal Candidates

SkinVive is a wonderful new injectable skin rejuvenation treatment.

Whether you are looking for an effective way to add hydration  to your skin or have always wanted glowing and radiant skin but have trouble with a comprehensive skincare routine, SkinVive can help you achieve your skin goals.

SkinVive injectables are a good fit if you:

  • Experience dull, lifeless skin
  • Want to improve your skin’s natural glow
  • Understand the limitations of injectables
  • Are in good overall health with no previous allergic reactions to elements in Skinvive’s formula

Personal Consultation

At PSS, we thoroughly consult every patient to determine their particular needs. At your private consultation, one of our patient coordinators will ask you questions about your overall skin health and what you want to achieve with the SkinVive application. PSS wants to ensure SkinVive is the best product for your skin and that it will lead to the desired results. 

How Do I Prepare for my SkinVive Injection?

We will provide specific instructions to follow before your treatment. Although the injectables are safe and virtually painless, you may still experience some healing symptoms like swelling and bleeding. Therefore, it is always helpful to avoid taking any NSAIDS and other medications that may thin your blood and lead to bruising. 

Injectable Procedure

Often performed on the same day as your consultation, your patient coordinator will ensure you are fully prepared for the SkinVive application. A member of our Med Spa staff will prep your skin by cleansing it with a gentle soap to remove any makeup and skin products. Then, you may receive a topical numbing cream depending on your preference. SkinVive has a numbing agent in the formula, so the treatment causes minimal pain even without this step.

Your provider will then apply the injectable on and around your cheeks in strategic areas. The process only takes around a half hour to complete, allowing you to go about your day immediately after your appointment.

Recovery and Results

After your SkinVive treatment, you may experience a slight swelling and bruising, but this should quickly subside. Patients have reported noticing dewy and radiant results immediately. These results can last anywhere from six to nine months without reinjection. SkinVive is an effective solution to add dimension and shine to your skin without needing a complicated skincare routine.PSS will always recommend a high quality skincare system to protect your skin.

As with any skincare treatment, you can retain your results by using daily sun protection. Wearing sunscreen and keeping a consistent moisturizing routine will help you keep your skin looking fresh for much longer.

Other Injectables and Skin Hydration Treatments

If you want more structure and volume in a particular area of your face, you may be a better candidate for dermal fillers. PSS offers many different kinds, all catering to specific needs. Dermal fillers utilize hyaluronic acid similarly to allow your skin to produce more collagen and elastin, while adding volume filling space for a more youthful look.  

RHA Fillers

Utilizing the same power of hyaluronic acid, RHA fillers add a radiance to the skin and provide volume and shape. The hyaluronic acid increases collagen production, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. This type of filler is specifically formulated to follow and mimic your natural facial structure and movements. They are more dynamic than other fillers, and are a good choice in areas of the face with a lot of movement, like the mouth and eye area. 


Neuromodulators can be a very helpful tool for wrinkle and correction of fine lines in the upper face. Daxxify can last up to six months, longer than most Botox treatments Daxxify temporarily relaxes specific  facial muscles when injected. Application can help with existing wrinkles, and can also be used as a preemptive measure for areas where movement causes wrinkles, like around the eye and “smile lines”. The Daxxify treatment is an extremely effective non-surgical solution to reduce signs of aging. 

Diamond Glow

Diamond Glow is a spa treatment that rejuvenates your skin. The applicator uses suction to clean your pores, and the rest of the facial is fully customizable to fit every patient’s specific needs. Custom skin boosters can be added to your treatment to moisturize, brighten your complexion, and promote skin growth and rejuvenation. This facial is a great option if you want to enhance your skin and receive long-lasting results with a short 45 minute treatment. No needles necessary!

Skincare is important if you want to maintain a young-looking, vibrant complexion. High quality skin care will improve the  health of your skin. If you are interested in reading more about skin rejuvenation, please look at our blog!

What is the Cost of SkinVive in the San Francisco Bay Area?

The cost of SkinVive depends on the individual’s treatment plan. To schedule an appointment today, please call us at (415) 925-2880 or fill out this form for more information.


How old do I have to be to get SkinVive treatments?

This FDA-Approved injectable is cleared for use on anyone 21-years or older.

How is Skinvive any better than just keeping a moisturizing routine?

Skincare routines can often be affected or postponed by elements of life we cannot predict or control. SkinVive gives you a leg up on making sure your skin looks hydrated and bright longer..

Why should I choose SkinVive over a dermal filler?

With SkinVive, your skin’s texture and shine are the only elements that will change. It gives a natural and youthful appearance without changing volume in your face.

How long do results from SkinVive last?

SkinVive results can last between 6-9 months without any additional treatments.

Is SkinVive the same as Juvéderm?

No. SkinVive is made by Juvéderm but is not a hyaluronic acid filler. Although it contains HA, it does not work to boost tissue volume like Juvéderm filler formulations. Instead, it hydrates and smooths the cheeks using microdroplet technology.


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