Weight Loss Balloon FAQs

Have you tried weight loss programs and special diets without success? Are you seeking a different approach to weight loss? We’ve introduced the Weight Loss Balloon specifically for those who have tried the traditional diet and exercise routine, but have not had success. The weight loss balloon fills a need […]

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Chef Sergio Valencia’s Body Lift Transformation

Like many others who have chosen gastric sleeve surgery to help them lose weight, our patient, Chef Sergio Valencia, completed his weight loss journey with a full body lift at PSS. Now, well into his recovery, Chef Valencia shares photos of his stunning transformation. Interested in learning more about how […]

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Are You Physically and Mentally a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

In 2009, then Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the Donda West Plastic Surgery Law, requiring health checks be conducted prior to all major plastic surgery procedures in the state. This was following the death of rapper Kanye West’s mother. It was later determined that her heart attack was spawned […]

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New treatments and procedures claiming to blast fat and smooth skin enter the market regularly, offering the possibility of a contoured, toned body. Many people who exercise regularly, and watch what they eat find stubborn weight collecting anywhere from the back, arms, abdomen, hips, thighs and derrière. Frustrated, they seek […]

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The Science of Killing Your Fat

Fat Cells Are Set From Birth Fat cells: we are born with a certain number. That’s the bad news. You can shrink them (“losing weight”) but they don’t go away. And it is a LOT of work to lose one pound. We all know. 3500 calorie reduction; that’s what is […]

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Surprising Everyday Things That Can Age You

Find out about your options for breast enhancement in Marin County

  Here is a list of the surprising everyday habits that can age you. Time to switch up your routine! Certain Foods (Say, what?!) Inflammatory foods (think foods that make you a little hot or look a little red after eating) may accelerate the formation of wrinkles. Here is a […]

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How Long Do Non-Surgical Procedure Results Actually Last?

Data from leading plastic surgery organizations shows that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are more popular than ever. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 13.9 million non-surgical procedures were performed in 2014. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery also found  statistics that non-surgical cosmetic procedures are 520 percent more […]

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Do You Know Your Facts on Botox?

Botox San Francisco

Most people’s concerns with Botox start with either “How long has it been around? Is it safe?” or “How will I look after?” Each year, hundreds of thousands of women and men pay a visit to their derm and go under the needle in the name of smooth, wrinkle-less skin; […]

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