How to Take & Submit Photos for Your Consultation with PSS

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  • For best results, take photos in a bright environment, ideally with natural light.
  • Background should be a single color, a white, blue or light colored wall in your house.
  • Camera should be perpendicular to the body or face.
  • For body photos, the camera should be about 5 feet away. For headshots, the camera should be 2-3 feet away.
  • If lighting is poor, use the camera’s flash.
  • Photos should be in color and JPG format.
  • Any type of camera can be used, including smartphones, iPads, digital cameras, etc.
  • Photos should be taken in portrait orientation, not landscape.
  • For women, hair should be tied back, and jewelry should be removed.

Rhinoplasty Photos

These photos include all five photos from the facial surgery list, as well as a sixth photo taken from beneath the nose, looking up at the nostrils at a 45 degree angle.

Front View
45 Degree Right
45 Degree Left
Full Side Right
Full Side Left
Nostrils View

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