Scarlet Radio-Frequency Microneedling

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Scarlet Radio-Frequency Microneedling Bay Area

Scarlet Radio-Frequency (RF) Microneedling is a revolutionary approach to traditional microneedling where thermal energy is harnessed to focus on activating semi-dormant collagen receptors. This in turn works to increase skin elasticity, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and eliminate recovery time almost completely.

Clients who receive Scarlet Microneedling at Plastic Surgery Specialists receive state-of-the-art care coupled with stellar results. If you are interested in learning more about just how Scarlet Microneedling can turn back the hands of time on your skin please feel free to schedule a personal consultation or call us at (415) 384-9787 today!

Na Effect

There’s a reason clients of ours can’t stop raving about the skin rejuvenating benefits that come from a Scarlet Microneedling treatment. But what exactly is the science behind the procedure? 

Scarlet Radio-Frequency Microneedling Bay Area

In the past, microneedling garnered some results not enough to be substantial. Not until doctor and scientist Jongju Na patented a way to focus independent tissue around each microneedle electrode. This occurs due to the fact that the skin-safe technology creates a teardrop wound under the skin’s surface where more thermal energy is collected in the dermis, leaving no visible wound on the outside of the skin. This in turn is coined “the Na Effect’‘. Eventually, the energy that was stored deep in the dermis works to improve the laxity of the skin. This zeroed-in, focused approach is more effective than past radiofrequency options because the healing properties triggered in the deep dermal layers were spread too thin to achieve the most optimal results. But by using the Na Effect, the Scarlet Microneedling device is perfect at effectively – and quickly – erasing blemishes away for good. 


Boosted Results Through Radio Frequency

Most of us, as we age, run into the problem of not looking how we feel. Lines and wrinkles begin to pepper our visage over time only then to completely cover our countenance in the future. This is due in large part to the diminishing amount of natural collagen we have readily produced in our skin. When we’re young our collagen levels spike, crippling all lines and wrinkles at the root before they form into canyons around our eyes, nose, lips, and neck. Collagen is the building block protein that helps our skin fight back the tide of aging. But as we get older, sadly, our collagen production gradually declines. For women, they lose 40% of their natural collagen by the time they are 65.[1] This loss in collagen results in skin increasing in laxity and decreasing in elasticity. However, with the Scarlet Microneedling procedure, the thermal energy from the radio-frequency technology heats up the collagen receptors sparking release in refreshed collagen and elastin.[2] In addition to fine lines and wrinkles, Scarlet Microneedling is great at:

  • Diminishing acne scars
  • Tightens skin
  • Shrinks pores
  • Evens out skin pigmentation
  • Reduces sun damage and sun scars

Tailored Treatments

What makes the Scarlet device special is the adjustable depths the needle can impact during your session. In the past, microneedling devices were set to one length for a specific session. This meant that only one target area could be treated at any given time and usually only one skin condition could also be treated. Also, sessions for wrinkles had to be different from sessions to treat scars because their root causes are found at different depths in the dermis – in turn needing a variety of needles to do the procedure. However, with Scarlet’s adjustable needle lengths, a trained practitioner can go from treating spider veins on the knees straight to fine lines around the lips all in the same session. 

Virtually No Downtime

When the needle creates the teardrop shaped wound, it does so under the skin. In the past, microneedling made microscopic holes on the exterior of the skin which led to a week or two of recovery and downtime. But since the “wound” is made below the skin, with Scarlet Microneedling you don’t have to worry about any downtime. You can leave our offices already noticing the time-traveling effects that Scarlet Microneedling have on your skin!

Treatable Areas

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Knees
  • Hands
  • Scalp
  • Inner Thighs
  • Chest
  • Abdomen
  • Lips
  • Eye Area


If you are interested in regaining your skin’s youthful glow, then Scarlet Microneedling may be just the treatment for you. Whether it’s erasing wrinkles and fine lines, reducing acne scars and sunspots, or evening out pigmentation, this procedure offers a wide array of people optimal results. Feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment with a highly trained medspa practitioner today!

Personal Consultation

At your appointment, we will first go over your medical and surgical history, noting if you have undergone any medspa treatments in the past and how your body reacted to them. Then, we will open the floor to a dialogue about your own aesthetic goals. How do you want to look? How do you want to feel about how you look? What types of procedures are you comfortable with and what type are you not? Questions like these help us navigate and guide you through this journey to ultimately become the you you’ve always wanted to look like. Then, we will examine your trouble spots. Here we will see the current level of laxity in your skin, what degree your wrinkles and lines are at, and what best approach would encompass fixing all these simultaneously. That’s where Scarlet Microneedling enters the chat. If you are elected a qualified candidate for a Scarlet treatment, then we will schedule a time and date for your first session. Lastly, we will give you a list of preparatory steps that should be taken before your procedure. 


One of the beauties of Scarlet Microneedling is how easy it is to prepare for. Before your session it is important to:

  • Discontinue any retinol or acid based skin care treatments a week before session
  • Continuously wear broad-spectrum sunscreen when exposed to sunlight and avoid direct, prolonged exposure if possible.
  • Stay hydrated. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after so that your skin has the resources necessary to fully recover.
  • Come barefaced. Please don’t wear make-up when you come to your session because this can complicate and jam the microneedle technology.


After administering local anesthetic cream onto the target areas, a medspa professional will gently guide the needles to the correct placement and depth in the dermis, triggering healing properties to be released. If the thermal energy is too warm and causing discomfort, please inform the medspa professional and they can adjust your settings accordingly. Your satisfaction and safety during this process is paramount so please don’t be afraid to speak up whenever necessary. This process takes around 10-20 minutes to complete and can vary depending on the number of areas treated in one session. 

Recovery & Results

microneedling results bay area

After your session, your skin may be tender and warm like it’s mildly sunburned. This will subside in the next day or two. You are free to go back to work, but try to avoid strenuous activities for the next two days. Immediately following the procedure you may feel your skin is tighter. It will gradually tighten over the next few weeks. During this time you will start to notice a change in the tonality and texture of your skin. It’s smoother, brighter, and younger. You run your hands over it and it feels refreshed and moisturized. That’s due in large part to the influx of novel collagen from your dermis. You can expect to see these results for the next 6 months to a year. 

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

There are many other treatments that are great at minimizing wrinkles and fine lines. Those include:


With a wide host of products available, Juvederm is leading the way in dermal fillers. From plumping your lips to erasing marionette lines, Juvederm is the go to choice for many different skincare needs. It leaves our clients with an instant result that lets them leave our office looking younger, brighter, and more confident in their appearance. 


As a household name, Botox has become one of the staples in the plastic surgery industry. As new studies find different ways this incredible injectable can improve lives, its original use still carries the flame for the product’s towering success. Botox works to freeze muscles in place, causing any droop or sagginess to correct in the outlying skin. This is perfect for people who want a solution to sagging or loose skin but don’t want to commit to extensive, invasive surgeries. 

Cost In San Francisco

Depending on the surface area of the targeted spots, the price for your Scarlet Microneedling session may vary. Please visit our specials page to learn what monthly specials we have available!


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  2. Dayan, E., Chia, C., Burns, A. J., & Theodorou, S. (2019). Adjustable Depth Fractional Radiofrequency Combined With Bipolar Radiofrequency: A Minimally Invasive Combination Treatment for Skin Laxity. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, 39(Supplement_3), S112–S119.