Diamond Glow

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The Diamond Glow Facial treatment is a rejuvenation experience that is more than a traditional facial at the spa. This exciting, innovative treatment frees your skin of impurities by using exfoliation, extraction, and nutrient infusion to improve skin. Its trademark diamond tip wand delivers a new level of facial resurfacing that cleanses and revives your skin. You can count on revitalized skin without lengthy recovery times. Within two days, patients receiving the treatment felt a noticeable difference in their skin texture, reduced fine lines, and improved radiance.

Diamond Glow Facial Treatment beverly hills

You’ve talked and we listened. Plastic Surgery Specialists are always looking for ways to deliver new effective treatments for radiant results. Our surgeons and specially trained aesthetic nurses are dedicated to each patient’s satisfaction and aesthetic success. Come visit us for a private consultation to see if Diamond Glow is right for you. We proudly serve the North Bay Area and San Francisco’s surrounding communities. Or, you can give us a call at (415) 925-2880.


The Diamond Glow experience is on a level all its own. The device provides a deep cleanse while infusing the skin with SkinMedica serums to improve skin texture, tone, and hydration. Diamond Glow uses a closed-loop vacuum with a diamond tip to exfoliate and remove dull, dead skin cells. This treatment can address issues such as acne, wrinkles, uneven skin texture, and other minor skin blemishes. The device multi-tasks in cleaning, stimulating, and infusing your pores with ingredients that penetrate the skin deeply. And they deserve it! Our pores are subject to constant stresses from hormones, our natural production of oils, and the changes in skin elasticity as we age. [1] These factors all lead to clogged, enlarged visible pores and compromised skin texture. The Diamond Glow device simultaneously clears and opens the pores, as well as allowing for better absorption of our nourishing serums. You’ll leave our office with brighter, smoother skin that will be hard not to love! And unlike other skin rejuvenation treatments, only one Diamond Glow session is needed to see skin that is significantly more vibrant and luminous. 


Diamond Glow Facial Treatment beverly hills

Diamond Glow’s popularity is easy to understand! Patients enjoy the benefits of the device’s efficient exfoliation, and cleansing, but that’s just the start. The Diamond Glow facial experience is customized for you. Your aesthetician has a range of diamond tips to choose from to offer you just the right level of exfoliation. There’s also an entire suite of SkinMedica Pro Infusion serums to address different skin concerns. These medical-grade products include an antioxidant-laden Vitamin C serum, a brightening serum, a clarifying serum, and an advanced anti-wrinkle and firming serum. Diamond Glow lets patients address unique and combination skin concerns in one relaxing facial. And, it’s able to address the areas matter most when it comes to rejuvenation. [2] 

  • Exfoliates for better radiance and glow
  • Revives the skin with nourishing specialized serums
  • Purifies and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Fast and easy procedure that can be done in under an hour
  • Targets multiple skin concerns such as wrinkles, fines lines, texture, dullness, and more

Are you ready to experience these glowing results for yourself? All it takes is a one-on-one consultation. Our entire team is here to help you revitalize your skin so you can look and feel your best.

Personal Consultation

Plastic Surgery Specialists serves Marin County, the San Francisco Bay area, and beyond. At your side is a dream team of board-certified plastic surgeons and specially trained aesthetic nurses who work tirelessly to bring forth patients’ inner beauty. All of them share a unique passion for plastic and reconstructive surgery. and believe it takes a caring team to walk our patients along every step of their journey in reviving their appearance and boosting self-confidence. We pride ourselves on providing our patients with comfort and high-quality care without compromise

Diamond Glow Facial Treatment beverly hills

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and come to us in the North Bay. We are located in the serene community of Greenbrae. Upon arrival, you will be shown to our relaxing examination rooms. One of our caring staff members will ask you a couple of questions regarding your health and medication intake. Then, we will examine your skin, paying close attention to its texture and structure to determine whether this facial would be an effective treatment for you. 

See all the benefits of a Diamond Glow treatment at your friendly, informational consultation. However, if you’re unable to make it to our office, we understand. That’s why we offer convenient virtual consultations to fit any schedule.  Just follow the easy prompts online to get the conversation started. While you wait, check out some fun, informative tidbits about the other procedures we offer on our blog


We want you to come to your appointment stress-free. Unlike other procedures, the Diamond Glow experience does not require much preparation on your part. Dr. Poulos only recommends a few, easy things to do beforehand. They include:

  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Do not be out in the sun for long periods a few days prior. If you must be out, please use a good sunblock with a high SPF.
  • Stop using Retinoids: Refrain from using retinoids for at least 3 days prior.
  • Show up to your appointment with a clean face: Make sure it’s makeup and moisturizer-free. 

When you schedule your Diamond Glow facial, our staff will recommend the best way to prepare your skin so that you can look forward to optimal results. 


This spa day is all about you. We’ll get you settled into your treatment room where you’ll be placed on a reclining chair. Our highly trained aestheticians will move the Diamond Glow wand back and forth around your face in a smooth, gentle fashion. The experience works in a three-step process of exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. [3]

  1. Exfoliation: The diamond tip does its part to remove dead and damaged skin. 
  2. Extraction: A high-power suction in the device deep cleans the skin and pores.
  3. Infusion: The SkinMedica Pro-Infusion serum that’s right for you will be applied, and penetrate deep into the skin. 

The process should take less than an hour to complete.

Recovering Your Glow

One of the benefits of the Diamond Glow experience is that there are no lengthy recovery times. Patients can leave the office as soon as they’re done and return to their normal daily routine. There are a few things to note about your skin after your Diamond Glow Facial Treatment. 

After a Diamond Glow facial:

You may experience some temporary redness.

Immediately after the treatment, patients may have red/pink skin around the treatment site. This is perfectly normal. Please allow 12-48 hours for the uneven skin tone to resolve on its own.

Avoid heat

Please avoid taking hot showers, saunas, and jacuzzis for a few days. The exfoliation process makes the fresh skin mildly sensitive to hot temperatures. 

Use sunscreen

We advise patients to use a high SPF sunblock daily for the next week to ensure their results are protected

Temporarily refrain from using other skin treatments

You should avoid waxing, laser work, or other exfoliating treatments for seven days after treatment. Additional treatments after your Diamond Glow will irritate your fresh, sensitive skin.


Your results will include noticeably smoother, dewy, more radiant skin. And, you can come back for more! The Diamond Glow facial can be performed regularly to maintain the health of your skin. (4)

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures

PSS offers a vast array of cosmetic procedures. A Diamond Glow Facial treatment is a great start to rejuvenating your skin and fighting the signs of aging. However, if there’s a few specific lines and wrinkles that are getting you down, you may consider some of the other services we offer. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers and injectable treatments do wonders for the skin. They treat fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. These quick injections firm, smooth, and reinvigorate the skin. Incorporating these popular treatments can enhance your skin in between Diamond Glow facials. 

How Much Does a Diamond Glow Facial Cost in the Bay?

Achieving your perfect glow is priceless, but the cost of your skincare treatment plan will depend on how frequently you choose to enjoy this procedure. You can call us for pricing details. We are pleased to offer patients with financial resources to make funding much more affordable. Patients are also encouraged to check out our periodic specials to take advantage of huge savings!


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