Sculpting Custom Results for Men With Gynecomastia

Find out about your options for treating gynocomastia in Marin County

If you go to a beach or pool and see an adolescent boy or young man wearing a T-shirt while his buddies are swimming bare-chested, chances are he may be self-conscious about the appearance of his breasts. The excess or swollen breast tissue often leads to teasing about “man-boobs” and negatively impacts a self-esteem, and it’s more common than most people realize. We frequently see teens and grown men with gynecomastia in Marin County who are frustrated because diet and exercise typically do little to improve the condition.

In these cases, chest contouring surgery is an excellent option, especially with the advanced techniques we use at Plastic Surgery Specialists. The results of male breast reduction surgery are quite dramatic, as patients who once concealed their torsos in social situations can now have masculine, sculpted chests that look natural.

What is gynecomastia surgery? The procedure removes and reduces fat and tissue, in addition to tightening the chest’s muscle and skin. Of course, we customize each procedure based on the individual patient’s condition. For example, in certain cases we may remove excess fat using liposuction at our Marin County surgical center. In fact, ultrasonic liposuction, such as VASERlipo™ or LipoSelection®, may be enough to significantly improve gynecomastia on their own. If the treatment is limited to liposuction, the recovery process is quite a bit shorter than if additional incisions are needed.

That’s not always the case, though. especially when the skin is sagging and the nipple needs to be repositioned to get the best results. Even in those situations, though, the improved contour of the chest is worth the tradeoff of additional discreet scarring for most of our patients, and the recovery still takes only a few days. Finding a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience treating gynecomastia is critical to getting the best results. An experienced surgeon is able to assess each patient’s condition and find a great approach from among a variety of techniques. At Plastic Surgery Specialists, we have found this surgery to be a safe and effective method of restoring many men’s confidence in their bodies.

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