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One thing we all know about diet and nutrition: there is a wealth of information out there. Many get overwhelmed with daily news reports about the benefits of low-carb, or low-fat, or no sugar, or liquid only…. the list goes on. The Atkins diet had people losing a great deal of weight, only to gain it back and gain even more weight.

The low-calorie diet means you can feel hungry a lot of the time. Counting calories does not necessarily work as a long-term solution.

Eating and Weight Loss

You don’t need to eat less to lose weight. You do not have to be hungry to lose weight. In fact, we believe here at PSS that you have to eat to lose weight. You hear that right! And we will teach you how to do it. How do you eat to keep yourself focused, energized and not always hungry? How do you develop a diet that keeps your metabolism working, and gives you simple, whole-food based nutrition to nourish you throughout the day?

At PSS we have an old, but proven philosophy Keep it simple. We have created a simple program for a complicated problem.

We have seen over and over again that with a few simple guidelines and the support of an experienced fitness and nutrition expert anyone can change their relationship with food and achieve optimal health. Our program is a way of life.

We address your regular day-in and day-out schedule of a busy life, but also the things that seem to crop up as roadblocks -travel, holidays, celebrations, busy work schedules, family meal planning. Typical for a day’s meal plan

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What Should You Eat in a Day?

Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack Water Fitness
Two scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, pico de gallo Grilled chicken breast with ½ c. Quinoa, plus 1 c salad Lean protein burrito bowl with ¼ c black beans Brown ride cake with tomato and avocado 8 glasses/day A 2-mile walk and 15 min situps/pushups

Our Weight Loss Expert

We know that excellent support is the mainstay of any program. Our weight loss expert has had years of experience with people who are longing to get control of their body and shape their life, on many levels. Bethany is our Health and Wellness Program director. She has devoted her life to helping people with weight loss, nutrition counseling, and behavior modification.

In addition to earning her Masters in Social Work, she is a Certified Nutritionist and fitness competitor. With her knowledge of food preparation and nutrition and interest in healthy living, Bethany created a successful specialty meal delivery business in San Francisco. After 20 years she decided it was time for a change and a more hands-on approach with people and patients. Plastic Surgery Specialists was lucky to be able to persuade Bethany to join the team. Years of experience and success put Bethany in a perfect position to guide you through your weight loss journey. She is a great listener, and coaches patients in a manner both straightforward and completely customized to the patient’s needs.

Bethany’s background includes years of food preparation for clients who wanted healthy, tasty meals but did not have the time, energy or interest to prepare their meals. Before this focused career, she trained with some of the best chefs in the bay area. Learning from the best allowed her to refine recipes and create new ones that were just as delicious, but had half the calories and fat.

She has continued to develop eating plans and recipes to help her PSS patients lose weight and create a habit of better cooking and eating habits. No one has more experience than a fitness competitor with reducing body fat while maintaining lean muscle mass. This philosophy is what sets PSS apart from the other programs. With the combined skills of understanding energy input and output, plus a deeper understanding of the behaviors that get in our way, she gets results where others fail.

Bethany has coached patients to lose as much as 25-75 lbs. in this period, and with Bethany and PSS team’s support, they’ve learned new behaviors to make a weight loss program into a permanent, healthier, lifestyle transformation.

What is Included in the Health And Wellness Program?

  • Pharmaceutical help with appetite suppressants where appropriate
  • Gastric Balloon Technology where appropriate
  • Unlimited access to nutritionist (emotional and educational support)
  • Mobile App to help on the go
  • Unlimited InBody scans to track progress
  • Healthy lifestyle coaching
  • Plan targeting fat loss while gaining muscle mass
  • May include male hormone replacement
  • 10% off any aesthetic procedure including surgery, injections, and lasers for one year upon completion of the program

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