When Towels Aren’t Enough

Workout partnersIf you’ve been with your partner for a long time, then you know that it becomes increasingly more difficult year after year to find an anniversary (or other) gift that really expresses what your loved one means to you. And your partner is likely facing the same dilemma! You both want something stimulating, something adventurous, something that says, “Together we can do just about anything!”

Here’s a solution: The word is out that more couples than ever are getting “anniversary” or “couple’s” makeovers. Why? Because the days when the husband went to the gym and the wife stayed home and cooked are gone; because the days when the wife went to the spa while the husband mowed the lawn are behind us. These days husband and wife both go to the gym; they both go to the spa. Often they diet together. They want to look and feel their best, no matter how many years it’s been. They know that looking younger is not only a self-esteem booster but in today’s world it is the key to better relationships with everyone from their kids’ teachers to their business associates. So why would one want to stay behind when the other decides the time has come to drop ten years? Who better to step into the time machine with than the one you love?

Of course the development that ushered in this new trend is that over the last decade men have gotten very comfortable with the idea of cosmetic procedures generally. According to About.com’s Men’s Health section, “Fourteen percent of Botox injections, 15 percent of all liposuction and eyelid surgeries, 20 percent of laser hair removal and 24 percent of nose jobs are carried out on men.” In other words, men are not only having procedures to fix what they consider their flaws but they are also going for eye-appeal.

An anniversary or couple’s makeover doesn’t require that the both members get the same procedure either. Quite the opposite. We all have different areas of concern. Perhaps the male has been struggling his whole life with Gynecomastia, otherwise know as “man boobs.” This is a condition that gets worse with age, as muscles begin to sag. The removal of excess fatty tissue and a little skin tightening by a plastic surgeon can cause a man who once stayed out of the water to keep his T-shirt from getting wet to become King of the Sea. Now that’s a gift! Perhaps the female partner is spending time in front of the mirror lifting her loose skin to see just how much things have changed. She may be a candidate for a QuickLift™. Unlike most mini facelifts that tighten only skin, the QuickLift™ permanently suspends the underlying structures of the lower face, offering a youthful appearance for years to come. Or perhaps it is the woman who wants the breast reduction—or breast augmentation—and the man who wants a QuickLift™. Mix and match is the name of the game.

The demand for plastic surgery increases year by year, in part because the tools and technologies that make it possible are becoming more advanced than ever, and procedures are therefore easier, safer and sporting faster recovery times. But the other part of it is that our society has come to understand the power of possibility. If we can imagine it, we can do it; and if we can do it, we want it. His and hers towels are sweet; but if you and your partner are hoping to exchange gifts that are bold, exhilarating and life-changing, toss the towels aside and call your favorite cosmetic surgeons and set up a consultation—for two.

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