Eyebrow Restoration

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Eyebrow restoration is a minimally-invasive facial cosmetic hair transplantation procedure that re-establishes brow symmetry and restores thinning or patchy eyebrows. For many people, the problem of hair loss is not confined to the scalp alone. The look of an inconsistent natural browline including thinning hair and patchiness, can occur for a variety of reasons. This affects our face’s natural balance and causes frustration when looking in the mirror. An eyebrow restoration treatment can restore your eyebrows to look fuller and thicker, using follicular unit extraction (FUE), a minimally-invasive hair transplant technique.

Our eyebrows frame and complement our eyes. Though they often don’t attract much attention, changes and inconsistencies in the eyebrows can be noticeable, and concerning. NeoGraft is one of the most effective FUE hair transplantation techniques for natural-looking eyebrow restoration. Surgeons use this advanced automated device to enhance follicular unit extraction speed and accuracy. (1) It produces long-term results for patients with eyebrow thinning and hair loss, restoring the framing around your eyes. You can find a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments from the experts at Plastic Surgery Specialists. We’ve added our Hair Restoration service as a way to address another sign of aging beside the face and body; our hair.

We provide expert hair restoration services to patients in Marin County, Sonoma County, and the Bay Area who wish to restore the natural fullness of their eyebrows, hairline, beard, bald patch and more. For further information about eyebrow restoration, and the other services available at our Greenbrae location, please call (415) 384-9787 or fill out an inquiry form with your request.

NeoGraft FUE for Eyebrow Restoration

We may seek to disguise cosmetic eyebrow imperfections with brow pencils, eyebrow tattooing, and other temporary measures that mask hair loss. Unfortunately, none of these treatment options can match the natural look of real hair. NeoGraft treatment can safely and accurately address eyebrow patchiness permanently. Research shows single hair follicles grafts harvested via FUE to be a successful solution for thinning eyebrows. (2) And, for many people, this permanent cosmetic treatment is the only viable option to improve their eyebrow hair loss. 

About Eyebrow Hair Loss

Eyebrow hairs are short, thin, stiff hairs that naturally taper at the tip, and arc in a herringbone-like pattern that follows the natural horizontal curvature of the face. Visually, they serve as signifiers of emotional expression, and functionally they are an important barrier to protect the eyes from moisture and light. The eyebrow consists of three parts; the head, the body, and the tail. The body is the densest, widest and most crucial area addressed in eyebrow restoration, as it makes up 60% of the brow’s structure. (1)

Causes of Eyebrow Hair Loss

Hair loss in any area of the body can be a frustrating and concerning experience for men and women alike. Eyebrow hair loss can be a result of a range of conditions, including:

  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Autoimmune Disorders (e.g. Alopecia Areata)
  • Skin Conditions
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Side-Effects of Medication
  • Genetic Conditions
  • Over-Plucking or Over-Waxing
  • Trauma/Burns

Thankfully, these conditions can be rectified through a restorative FUE procedure with NeoGraft technology. 

Benefits of FUE for Eyebrows

Research shows that FUE is considered the best option for eyebrow restoration. (1) In recent years, FUE hair transplantation has built a reputation as a safe, minimally invasive procedure to achieve effective hair restoration results. Using NeoGraft technology, we can restore the appearance of your eyebrows in a procedure with minimal discomfort and downtime. Additionally, there are no scalpel incisions and no sutures required. This procedure allows patients to experience full and natural eyebrow shaping with virtually no scarring, restoring their confidence and solving their aesthetic concerns.

Don’t put off booking a procedure with us that can restore balance and symmetry to your face. To arrange a personal consultation at Plastic Surgery Specialists, please contact our Greenbrae location at (415) 384-9787.

Candidates for Eyebrow Restoration

Candidates for NeoGraft eyebrow restoration include men and women with brow asymmetry, thinning hair and patchiness who are dissatisfied with the results of temporary cosmetic treatments. It is also suitable for patients who have seen no aesthetic improvements, despite concerted efforts to regrow their brow hair. For patients seeking postburn or posttraumatic eyebrow restoration, an FUE procedure can only take place after functional deficits of the face have been addressed. (1)  FUE may not be suitable for patients who have:

  • Scarring that prevents successful grafting
  • Certain skin diseases that limit treatment success
  • Severe alopecia and lack donor hair
  • Unrealistic expectations for treatment results

Personal Consultation

Julia, our highly experienced patient coordinator for Neograft, will examine your eyebrow hair loss at your personal consultation. During this time, she will talk to you about the impact of your hair loss and your desired post-treatment goals. The doctor will attend the consultation if needed for any questions or concerns. We will come up with a treatment plan, ascertain possible donor hair sites, and select the implantation pattern that is best suited to your unique facial anatomy. We provide our patients with detailed information and transparency regarding our procedures. Men and women who undergo FUE surgery for eyebrow restoration should be aware that there is a post-procedure risk of 5 to 10% loss of grafts and misdirection of grafts.

Interested in a virtual consultation? Send your treatment inquiry using this form, along with clear photo attachments of the area you want to address. One of our team members will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Preparing for FUE

  • Cease smoking at least 24 hours before your treatment.
  • Stop drinking alcohol a few days before surgery.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications and NSAIDs two weeks prior to your treatment.
  • Discontinue vitamins or dietary supplements for two weeks before your surgery.
  • Get the necessary laboratory testing before your FUE treatment.

The Eyebrow Restoration Procedure

We begin the procedure by precisely marking the boundaries of your new eyebrow pattern according to your unique facial anatomy. We then administer a lidocaine and adrenaline solution to the donor area as local anesthesia for your comfort. After donor area preparation, we select the finest follicles that will match your natural eyebrow hairs as closely as possible. Generally speaking, we harvest suitable donor grafts from the scalp using a specialized, semi-automated tool. Common donor regions for eyebrow restoration include the occipital area (at the back of the head), preauricular area (in front of the ear), or the nape of the neck. (3) We then implant these grafts at a natural depth and angle into the brow, to increase hair density, fill hairless patches, and reinstate the contour of your eyebrows. The number of grafts implanted will depend on your specific circumstances. If near-total or total eyebrow restoration is required, patients may need to come in for more than one session. After any procedure, the donor area will be bandaged once the follicular extraction process has been completed.

After Your Eyebrow Restoration

Following your NeoGraft eyebrow restoration, you should keep your face completely dry when bathing for about three days. You may experience some temporary redness, itching or swelling in your brow, but please refrain from touching the area or manipulating the hair in any way. We may prescribe oral medication for you to manage discomfort as needed in the initial few days. You may apply makeup to your face the day after your treatment, avoiding the eyebrow region. In the days that follow, once crusting around the follicle has shed completely, you can use eyebrow makeup. 

Please avoid strenuous activities for at least two weeks after your treatment, as these could induce trauma to the delicate grafts and affect treatment success. Around the third week after your eyebrow restoration, we may recommend applying a suitable gel (commonly a cosmetic hair fixing product) to the area to train the hairs to lie in the correct position. In the coming weeks, some of the grafts may fall out, and in the next 3-4 months your new eyebrow hair will begin to develop. This is an expected part of the FUE healing process. After 4-6 months, hair density in the area will increase, and you will begin to see the final results of your successful FUE treatment.

Cost of Neograft Eyebrow Restoration in the Bay Area

The cost of NeoGraft eyebrow restoration depends on the number of grafts, the goal hair density, and the size of the area treated, and will therefore vary on a case-by-case basis. For more information about the cost of Neograft hair transplantation for eyebrows, and to find out about financing options, please visit our Fees and Financing page. We will also provide an itemized service quotation for your specific circumstances at your personal consultation. 

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Can surgery fix eyebrow hair loss?

Yes! A minimally-invasive hair transplantation surgery can provide solutions for patients with eyebrow hair loss. Surgeons can select another area (usually the scalp) to harvest groups of hair follicles, or grafts, and implant them in the brow. This treatment is seen as a good option for patients who want to address eyebrow hair loss in a more permanent, natural way.

How long does eyebrow restoration treatment take?

A follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure for eyebrow restoration is an intricate and precise cosmetic hair transplantation treatment. Depending on the extent of your eyebrow hair loss, and the specifics of your treatment plan, an FUE procedure can take between 3-5 hours to complete.


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