How EXPAREL® Is Changing Plastic Surgery


Our breast augmentation patients now have the chance to participate in a research study we’re conducting to evaluate an innovative, FDA-approved pain reliever that is an alternative to opiate medications usually prescribed after surgery. We’re excited to be getting interest from patients considering breast augmentation from Santa Rosa to Sonoma and throughout Marin County, and we’re excited to have the opportunity to learn more about this innovative new pain reliever.

EXPAREL is a topical, sustained-release medication applied directly to the pocket created for breast implants during surgery. Formulated to slowly release anesthetic for 72 hours following a breast augmentation procedure, EXPAREL provides consistent relief from discomfort without the need for oral medication.

Approved by the FDA in 2011, the medication has been used in non-cosmetic surgeries, in addition to breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedures. In clinical trials, EXPAREL provided pain relief without opiates, and patients didn’t have to use pain pumps, catheters, or other medication delivery devices.

Our research study continues our record of emphasizing innovation at Plastic Surgery Specialists, while at the same time ensuring our patients are benefitting from clinically tested advances that promote optimal results. By remaining at the forefront of cosmetic surgery, we’ve been among the pioneers of Mommy Makeover procedures and breast reconstruction techniques for cancer patients.

Eligible breast augmentation patients who participate in our study get a $2,000 discount off their procedure with either myself or Dr. Hvistendahl.
We’re proud of our work in helping to achieve breakthroughs that ultimately benefit our patients. You can read additional information about our EXPAREL study, or contact us with questions about the research.

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