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weight loss balloon

Have you tried weight loss programs and special diets without success? Are you seeking a different approach to weight loss?

We’ve introduced the Weight Loss Balloon specifically for those who have tried the traditional diet and exercise routine, but have not had success. The weight loss balloon fills a need and introduces an entirely new category of weight loss intervention, with the additional benefit of very little downtime, and no surgery. We know how frustrating extra pounds can be, preventing you from feeling and looking good. Carrying extra weight lowers energy levels and often makes exercise frustrating and difficult.

If your weight is negatively impacting your life, the Weight Loss Balloon has been the answer for many to jumpstartingweightloss.

The surgeons and weight-loss specialists at Plastic Surgery Specialists work closely with their patients to help them find the weight loss solutions that are safest and most appropriate for their body and their goals. Below is a list of some of their patients’ most-frequently-asked questions about the weight loss balloon: 

What is the Weight Loss Balloon?

A weight loss balloon, also known as a gastric balloon, is an inflated balloon that sits in the stomach, partially filling the stomach and creating a feeling of fullness. This helps patients lose a significant amount of weight over a six-month period. The gastric balloon is a safe, non-surgical medical weight loss option for men and women whose weight poses a risk to their health.

A weight loss balloon helps medical weight loss patients achieve meaningful, healthful changes in two ways:

Patients lose up to 2X to 3X more weight than they would with diet and exercise alone.

There is evidence that the balloon retrains the “hunger hormone” response. Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for triggering the feeling of hunger. It has numerous functions, including stimulating appetite, increasing food intake and promoting fat storage. The presence of the balloon in the stomach tricks the hormone response and stops sending the hunger signals to the brain. Evidence suggests this retraining of the hormone response continues even after the balloon is removed. It is essentially a “hunger hormone reset.” This enables patients to positively reset their response to food and hunger, for good.

The period of assisted weight loss gives patients the room they need to adopt a more active, balanced lifestyle, thereby enabling patients to maintain and continue their progress long after the balloon is removed.

Weight loss with a gastric balloon does not stop after six months, and neither does the team at Plastic Surgery Specialists. PSS partners weight loss balloon treatment with their Health and Wellness Program. Patients will receive weight loss support services for the year following the removal of their weight loss balloon to enable them to achieve and exceed their weight loss goals. Patients who choose Orbera can discuss the benefits of combined medical weight loss solutions during a private consultation at PSS. 

What is the best weight loss balloon?

The medical team at Plastic Surgery Specialists offers the Orbera weight loss balloon. It is FDA-approved, does not require surgery, and requires minimal time off for patients following balloon placement. The Orbera balloon has helped thousands of men and women achieve substantial weight loss when other methods have failed.

What is the Orbera Balloon?

Orbera is a non-surgical weight loss balloon. Orbera is a specially-designed plastic balloon that is inserted un-inflated by a doctor, then filled with saline. The balloon fills the stomach to increase the patient’s sense of fullness and reduce overeating. Patients lose weight and learn how to control their food intake. The balloon is removed in six months.

How large is the Orbera gastric balloon?

When inflated, Orbera is comparable to the size of a grapefruit.

How is Orbera removed?

Orbera will be deflated and safely removed using the same type of endoscopic tube used for balloon placement. The procedure takes about twenty minutes. Patients will continue to benefit from the weight loss services at Plastic Surgery Specialists over the months following balloon removal.

What are the benefits of a gastric balloon?

Gastric balloon is more popular among men and women seeking medical weight loss because it:

-Is a safe, non-surgical solution
-Creates a sensation of fullness to control overeating 
-Enables 2X to 3X more weight loss than patients achieve with diet and exercise alone 
-Resets the hunger hormone response, enabling patients to win in the battle of overeating and the misperception of constant hunger
-Helps patients understand what it takes to lose weight
-Gives people time to adjust their lifestyle habits
-Can be used as a weight-loss tool alongside gastric bypass
-Requires minimal downtime after placement or removal
-Paired with Health and Wellness program at Plastic Surgery Specialists for long-term results

Patients have lost 75, 80, even 92 pounds after the weight loss balloon at Plastic Surgery Specialists!

What is a healthy weight?

A healthy body mass index will fall between 18.5 to 24.9. A BMI of 25 to 29.9 is overweight. Patients with BMI over 30 are considered obese. A BMI between 30 and 40 increases patient’s risk of weight-related health issues such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and diabetes.

Do I qualify for a weight loss balloon?

Patients who have a BMI between 30 and 40 are excellent candidates to lose weight and dramatically improve their health with a gastric balloon. 

In order to qualify for a weight loss balloon, patients should be willing to commit to a long-term lifestyle change. Men and women who are ready to change their diet and exercise habits are good candidates for the life-changing outcomes of a weight loss balloon.

A weight loss plan consisting of the balloon and weight loss surgery are available for qualifying patients. The weight loss balloon is an excellent option for patients seeking to lose weight to improve the safety and efficacy of future surgery. Some patients who have previously received stomach surgery may not be able to receive a gastric balloon. The specialists at PSS will take time to assess your case and let you know the weight loss solution that is best for you.

Is a gastric balloon permanent?

The Orbera balloon is temporary. Patients will have their balloon removed six months after balloon placement in the stomach. Thanks to the Health and Wellness Program at Plastic Surgery Specialists, our weight loss patients continue to lose weight and feel great for the long-term.

What are the side effects of the gastric balloon?

Patients may feel nauseous or have mild abdominal pain for the first few days after they receive their gastric balloon.

Is a gastric balloon painful?

The gastric balloon is not difficult to place, but patients are lightly sedated to keep them comfortable. Up to one third of patients experience abdominal discomfort for the first few days after receiving their balloon. This discomfort is controlled with medication. 

At removal, patients are also lightly sedated for their comfort.

What can I eat with a gastric balloon?

Patients should only eat soup, milk, yogurt, and other nutritious, protein-rich, low-sugar liquids for the first few days after receiving gastric balloon. In order to see best results from gastric balloon, eat three meals a day. Try to break your meals into small portions. Only eat until you feel full or experience acid reflux. Tea, coffee, alcohol, and any beverage that can create gas or increase acid reflux should be consumed in moderation. You will receive a comprehensive dietary guide from PSS.

How much weight can you lose with a gastric balloon?

The amount of weight patients lose with a gastric balloon depends on the patient’s diet and exercise routine during and after balloon placement. The balloon decreases appetite and promotes self-control. The result is on average, two to three times the weight loss that patients achieve with diet and exercise alone. The initial weight loss also makes healthy habits easier for patients to adopt. Thanks to the comprehensive weight loss solutions and therapies at PSS, patients have lost anywhere from 30 to almost 100 pounds thanks to their balloon.

Can a gastric balloon burst?

To date, there has been only one incident of the balloon failing, with tens of thousands of placements. If the gastric balloon bursts, the saline will not harm the body. The collapsed balloon will be removed using the same method it was placed. One important note: do not scuba dive during the six months the balloon is in place.

Is a gastric balloon covered by insurance?

Certain insurance providers may cover all or part of the cost of a gastric balloon for patients who meet their qualifications. Contact your insurance provider to find out if your weight loss balloon program will qualify.

How much does a weight loss balloon cost?

The price of the weight loss balloon depends on which balloon patients will receive. Dr. Poulos or Dr. Hvistendahl will take time to assess your health history and discuss your weight loss goals before recommending a medical weight loss plan that is most appropriate for you. Once you have determined the details of your treatment plan, you will receive an appropriate cost breakdown. 

In order to help our patients look and feel their best, we also offer a 10% discount on any surgery for twelve months following participation in our gastric balloon program. Tummy Tuck and other body lifting procedures have shown to motivate and dramatically improve patients’ ability to keep their weight loss off for the long-term.

Have questions about the Weight Loss Balloon? We have answers. Schedule a private weight loss consultation at Plastic Surgery Specialists to learn more.

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