Chef Sergio Valencia’s Body Lift Transformation

Like many others who have chosen gastric sleeve surgery to help them lose weight, our patient, Chef Sergio Valencia, completed his weight loss journey with a full body lift at PSS.

Now, well into his recovery, Chef Valencia shares photos of his stunning transformation.

Full body lift results with Dr. Poulos at PSS
Two weeks after his full body lift surgery with stitches removed and healing well, Chef Valencia visits the PSS staff!
Photo Courtesy Instagram
Chef Sergio Valencia removing bandages and drains after a full body lift
Bandages and drains removed, Chef Valencia experienced minimal bruising and is healing nicely after his full body lift with Dr. Poulos
Photo Courtesy Instagram
Chef Valencia's Gastric sleeve before and after photos
Chef Sergio Valencia 200 lbs lighter a year after his initial gastric sleeve! However, like many medical weight loss patients, Chef Valencia was left with large amounts of excess skin.
Photo Courtesy Instagram

Interested in learning more about how you can follow in Chef Valencia’s footsteps and attain your body goals with a full body lift? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Poulos or Dr. Hvistendahl today.

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