Weight Loss Tips

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Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance Long Term

Let’s face it; none of us have enough time to maintain a perfectly healthy lifestyle. Stress, work, sitting too much, the sheer busyness of all our lives gets in the way of really taking care of our bodies (and minds!)

Below are some quick tips and key components of weight loss and maintenance. There are a number of strategies that have been studied for transformation of your health, towards healthier weight and the many side benefits that go along with that transformation (Better energy, better outlook, better sex life, better looking skin….you get the idea) For long term health, remember measuring input and output is key, understanding nutrition is critical, and building muscle builds the engine that burns fat.

  • Download “myfitnesspal” on your phone to start measuring your input and output. It is common to overestimate the number of calories burned and underestimate the calories in certain foods. Those mistakes can lead to weight loss frustration. (Even an extra 100 calories a day can make a difference in seeing results.)
  • School yourself on good eating habits, especially in regards to sugar and glycemic index and load. Put healthy vegetables and lean protein at the top of your shopping list. Avoid processed foods and cut back on empty calories. We all know the rules, but really understanding the effects of bad foods on your body can help motivate you to change habits long term, which is key to a healthy weight.