Why We Make Wellness a Priority

Learn more about the link between wellness and beauty.

“When you look good, you feel good” is one of those truisms we witness on a daily basis at Plastic Surgery Specialists. As a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs lots of procedures for Santa Rosa, Marin, and Sonoma patients, I hear pretty frequently that patients feel more confident and vibrant after getting cosmetic treatments. But we also go the extra mile at our center of excellence to make sure that our patients feel good physically as well as psychologically. That’s why we put such an emphasis on overall health and wellness.

Most people interested in improving their looks are conscious of how important a healthy lifestyle is to really looking and feeling their best. Physical and emotional health are interconnected. That’s why our practice includes a Wellness and Rejuvenation Center staffed by experienced specialists whose focus is on hormone treatment, weight loss strategies, detoxification, and lifestyle changes.

Here are some of the therapies available at our wellness center:

  • Bioidentical hormone therapy: A customized hormone regimen created by our medical staff can benefit both men and women by boosting testosterone and estrogen levels, which helps maintain healthy sleep cycles, stabilizes mood, and elevates libido.
  • Weight management program: Our center takes a holistic approach to weight management, basing therapy on the specific needs of each patient. Nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle habits are emphasized because those are the features of a sustainable weight-loss program.
  • Body detoxification cleanse: We all ingest toxins daily. They are part of our environment and in our food. Our bodies also produce toxins when we are stressed. Our detox cleanse, a centerpiece of our wellness program, eliminates those toxins.
  • Healthy living program: Our doctors and medical staff offer recommendations and advice to make it easier for patients to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We have found that our patients are naturally interested in their overall well-being. That’s one of the reasons they are considering cosmetic procedures. That’s what makes our wellness center the perfect complement to our aesthetic services. We invite you to come in and explore your potential. Also, check out our Facebook Page for links to lots of wellness-related topics.

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