How Continuing Educations Benefits Our Patients & Us


Our team was so excited to recently undergo training in body contouring as part of CoolSculpting® University. At this 2-day course, organized by CoolSculpting’s parent company, ZELTIQ®, our staff had the valuable opportunity to train directly under CoolSculpting educators to ensure our accuracy when we administer the treatment back at our Greenbrae practice.

Our time with ZELTIQ has us thinking about the importance of ongoing education, especially when it comes to cosmetic enhancement. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I’m never done learning. Conferences, meetings, and classes such as CoolSculpting University keep our practice on the leading edge, and our patients can rest assured that they’re getting the best that the plastic surgery world has to offer — which is one of the reasons patients visit us for plastic surgery from Santa Rosa and other spots throughout Marin County.

The field of minimally invasive skincare procedures is also one part of medicine that changes most often. New advances in energy treatments and injectables are frequently announced, and researchers seem to constantly be finding amazing new ingredients for skincare products. In order to offer our patients the best possible options, we have to make sure we stay educated on them by regularly attending conferences and devoting part of our own time to industry research.

In addition to our own education, we strive to keep our patients in the know, too. Our website’s education center features brief, easy-to-understand videos to help our patients visualize their plastic surgery options. During a consultation, Dr. Poulos and I make it our mission to ensure our patients fully understand the details of their selected procedures, as well as any alternatives that they may prefer.

A solid education is important for both doctors and patients, and we’re committed to keeping communication open throughout all stages of your surgical process.

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