Good to Great: Breast Implant Revision

Find out about your options for breast implant revision surgery in Marin County

Breast implants are safe, durable medical devices that typically last at least a decade before needing to be replaced or removed. Some patients, however, come to our Greenbrae practice only a few years after their initial breast augmentation procedures to get revision surgery. It’s not that they aren’t satisfied with the results, or that they’ve experienced complications. Rather, they are just ready for an upgrade. Many of the women who schedule breast implant revision surgery at our Marin County clinic have either undergone physical changes or want to take advantage of the new generation of breast implants. Learn more about the motivations of these groups of women, as well as how they can benefit from revision:

  • Women who have lost weight and women who want to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back: Women with breast implants who lose a significant amount of weight experience the same issues as women who don’t have implants. The loss of breast tissue and sagging that accompany weight loss may require revision surgery for women with implants. Pregnancy causes similar changes in the breasts that many mothers with implants want to address once they are done breastfeeding.
  • Women who want to take advantage of the new options available for breast implants. It’s very common for women whose bodies haven’t changed at all to simply want to exchange their implants for a newer model. Someone who opted for round saline implants 5 years ago, for instance, may decide that today’s cohesive silicone options in a variety of shapes would give her a preferable result. These “gummy bear” implants — which many women think look and feel more like natural breasts — are the most popular choice among our patients who want to go from good to great results.

Have you been considering revision surgery to change out your breast implants? We invite you to come explore the impressive options we have available.

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