Beyond the Basics of Facial Rejuvenation

Learn about our options for facial rejuvenation in Marin County

Many women and men come to our plastic surgery practice in Marin County with concerns about facial aging, and they usually want guidance through the many choices available to them. Most of the women and men we treat want their faces to better reflect their inner health and energy, but they aren’t sure about the best course of action.

There is so much information these days about various treatments and procedures, it’s understandable that a person might feel overwhelmed. Facial rejuvenation techniques, both non-surgical and surgical, have evolved tremendously in the last decade or so. Patients have more options than ever, and while variety is great, it also leads to more questions. That’s the one of the main reasons we’ve developed a guide called 5 Steps to Facial Rejuvenation, which can help you learn more about your choices and how to look and feel your best through the different stages of your life. In our guide, we emphasize the individual nature of different anti-aging treatments, and how we carefully select from them to create a plan that is customized just for you.

How We Create Your Customized Care Plan

What does it mean to get a custom-tailored treatment plan? It starts with a detailed evaluation of the physical characteristics of your skin and your face, and plenty of questions about your concerns and goals. We encourage you to be candid about what, specifically, bothers you; we love getting to the heart of your concerns so we can solve them together. Then we explain all the different options and make recommendations – not always surgical – to address each of your concerns. Promoting non-surgical services is the last thing you’d expect from a plastic surgeon, right? But people come from Santa Rosa, Sonoma, and all over Marin and Napa counties for non-surgical treatments at our practice, and we are firm believers in their many benefits. Laser skin treatments, chemical peels, and injectable products can produce remarkable results, either alone or in combination with surgery. The foundation of our treatment philosophy is addressing what we call the 3 D’s of aging:

  • Deterioration in skin quality
  • Descent of the facial tissues
  • Deflation or general loss of volume

PSM-feb15-blog-graphic A comprehensive plan addresses each of the D’s, but because these signs of aging occur at different times for each individual, they require different degrees of intervention. For your plan, we may combine dermal fillers to minimize nasolabial folds with medical-grade skin care products or a peel to address dark spots. Or we might recommend a neck lift with BOTOX® and filler injections if that will achieve the desired results. For others, a full facelift is the best choice.

“You have my endless thanks…because the way I physically look matches who I am on the inside…I have no regrets. I made the leap. It was scary, it was strange at first, it was worth it!”

 In each case, we explain our recommendations in detail, and we work with you to create a plan that, in many cases, takes care of all your concerns at once.

What It Means for You

The goal is to give you a rejuvenated appearance that leaves you looking as good as you feel. That may sound a little cliché, but we know from patient feedback that facial rejuvenation offers much more than cosmetic changes.

“I feel as young on the outside as I feel on the inside,” one patient wrote. “I am thrilled with the looks I’ve gotten from all my friends, who cannot figure out what I have done, but are completely amazed at what they see.”

Those are the kinds of comments that make being a plastic surgeon so satisfying and personally rewarding. If you have questions about facial rejuvenation, we encourage you to come in for a consultation and learn about the options that work for you.

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