Vectra 3D Imager

VECTRA® 3D is an advanced imaging technique that allows both patient and surgeon to preview the results of a specific plastic surgery procedure before surgery is performed, bringing patient consultations to a whole new level.

VECTRA® 3D imaging ensures:

  • Clear Expectations are achieved using a 3D image of the patient's body and 3D models of saline and gel implants.
  • Accurate measurements of the breasts are recorded, helping your surgeon choose the appropriate implants for your body.

Using Sculptor™ software, the patient is able to view the prospective results of their procedure from all angles, allowing for a thorough analysis of their simulated post-surgery body. The simulation of the procedure can be fully customized by the surgeon using this technology, ensuring that the patient will be satisfied after surgery.

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How will I know what an implant will look like on my body?

Until recently the process of selecting an implant type and size was not very scientific. It depended on communication between physician and patient about issues which are very subjective. The recent introduction of 3-Dimensional imaging has changed that. This imager called the Vectra takes 3-D photos of your body and based on landmarks placed by the surgeon gives very exact measurements which the computer then uses to determine how selected implants would appear on your torso. In many cases the preop images of the anticipated result and the actual photographs of the post operative result are difficult to distinguish. It not only gives the patient a realistic idea of the change, but allows the surgeon to vary the surgical plan based on nuances of the anatomy. Currently PSS is one of the few practices to have this exciting technology.

“I didn't believe it was possible to get rid of the sunken look under my eyes. The fat transfer procedure you did looks incredi-ble!”

Smartlipo TriPlex

Smartlipo uses laser technology to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells, tighten tissue and improve overall body shape - all with minimal downtime.

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