Breast Implant Revision

What is a Breast Revision procedure? 

Breast revision is a procedure that is performed by breast revision specialists most often to correct complications, such as capsular contracture, arising from previously inserted Breast Implants. San Francisco and Marin County women often experience capsular contracture, which indicates breasts that have shifted, hardened or changed shape following implant surgery. Not only does breast revision in address any aesthetic issues having to do with breast implants, but it also offers solutions for patients who would simply like their implants removed or replaced with new ones for the purpose of changing or enhancing their appearance.

Best Candidates for Breast Revision 

Candidates for breast revision should have records indicating their previous breast implant history so that the Breast Revision Specialists at PSS will know what kind of implants were used and how long ago. As with other patients desiring surgery, they will also want to discuss their medical history generally to be sure they are healthy enough for Breast Revision surgery. 

Breast Revision Procedure

Breast Implant Revision is a highly individualized procedure. If enough time has passed and pregnancy, weight gain or loss, aging or other issues have caused breasts to sag in addition to the patient’s implant concerns, the patient may want to have a Breast Lift at the same time. If the implant position has shifted, internal sutures may be needed as part of Breast Implant Revision to correct the shift. Because of the number of variables effecting Breast Implant Revision, it is not possible to determine how many incisions will be needed until the patient consults with the Breast Revision specialists at PSS. For surgeries addressing capsular contraction, it may be possible to work in the area of the original incision scar. More complicated Breast Implant Revision surgeries may require incisions around the areola and/or vertically from under the areola and following the curve of the breast.

Post Breast Revision Procedure

During a Breast Implant Revision in our state-of-the-art Marine County surgery center, we use either local or general anesthesia to coincide with the complexity of the problems to be addressed. Likewise, the time each Breast Revision surgery takes depends on the nature of the problem. If a Breast Lift will be included, the Breast Revision may take three to four hours. If implants are being changed or removed, it should take less. Your Breast Revision specialists will be able to provide a more accurate timetable once they have assessed your specific needs. It generally takes a week to ten days to be able to return to normal activities following Breast Revision, although it will take longer before lifting and more strenuous activity can be resumed. 

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What is breast revision surgery?

Initial surgery, especially with implants does not always yield an optimal result. Capsular contracture, implant malposition, or asymmetries may cause an unsatisfactory result. In the vast majority of cases. These problems can be corrected often with a simpler surgery than the original. Capsulectomy is surgery to remove the scar tissue, which may have formed around an implant. Capsulorrhaphy is placement of stitches inside the implant pocket to change the breast shape. Change of the implant may or may not be required.

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