Reconstruction Plastic Surgeries in San Francisco

People often ask why our specialty is called "plastic?" It originates from the greek "plastikos" which means to mold or change. Thus the names for many operations like rhinoplasty or mammaplasty. Nearly all these aesthetic operations had their roots in reconstructive techniques developed after World War I which have been refined over the years.

In spite of our expertise in cosmetic surgery, PSS is proud to be well- trained reconstructive surgeons. Traumatic injuries, congenital deformities, post mastectomy breast reconstruction, and skin cancer treatmentand reconstruction are integral to our practice and we consult on these problems daily.

Plastic Surgery Specialists Gives Back

The surgeons at PSS are proud to make a living using our surgical skills to do something we love. We realize that not all patients have the financial resources or insurance to afford our reconstructive services. A few times a year we try to arrange free surgical and anesthesia services for deserving patients. If you know of someone who might qualify, we will be happy to consult and will strive to make this happen.

Black Diamond

“I love my new body and feel like a queen!”

Smartlipo TriPlex

Smartlipo uses laser technology to permanently destroy unwanted fat cells, tighten tissue and improve overall body shape - all with minimal downtime.

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